Freida Mae Allen

Freida Mae Allen was born in Paris, Kentucky on October 22, 1930 to Fred and Willie Mae Hall. She was two months premature and always joked that she didn’t get everything coming to her. The doctor who delivered her said she had a bad heart and would not live very long. Far from it for Freida was 91 when she died on Thursday, June 23, 2022. Freida is preceded in death by her parents, brother Fred, late husband William Allen aka Bill and great granddaughter Logan.

Freida, as the faithful man Timothy, was raised by her mother and grandmother. Because of Kentucky law, her mixed-race parents, although married, were not allowed to live together. Her father did come by often and she loved those days. She never stopped talking about the little red outfit and patent leather shoes that he bought for her. It is believed that the strain was too much for either of her parents to bear, so they divorced. He remarried when Freida was young. In high school, Freida learned that she had a brother, Fred Hall, Jr. affectionately known as Freddie. They became the best of friends. Soon after graduation, Freida left for college at Kentucky State University to study Business and Musical Theatre. She was encouraged by one of her professors to study opera. She attended many plays and operas with family members Ruth Hayes and Phyllis Johnson. Freida herself had a beautiful voice. Anyone who sat near her in the Kingdom Hall could attest to that. Freida’s love for music permeated the house. She made certain that her children took music lessons. They enjoyed it so much that her son became a professional bassist and singer, and her daughter became a clarinetist in the circuit orchestra and played drums in school and small bands. More important to Freida than instilling a love for music in her children was instilling in them a love for God and each other. Michael is most grateful for the times spent alone with his mom before his sister came along. She taught him to respect women, his elders, and to always be a gentleman. Bonnie appreciates learning how to love and care for both family and strangers alike. More importantly, she appreciates the fine spiritual legacy her mother left to her.

As mentioned, Freida went to school for business. Although she did not graduate from KSU, her education was valued by many employers. Most notably, she worked as the executive secretary for the president of Highland View and Cleveland Metro General Hospitals, now known as Metro Health Medical Center. She was also secretary to the chief architect who designed the towers seen along I-71. While employed, Freida held many administrative positions. She left the hospital only because she wanted to be closer to her children in case anything were ever to happen to them. She held many secretarial and bookkeeping positions for the County and other employers. After Bill died, she took a position at Lowe’s where she worked as a greeter and cashier. Many friends, repeat customers and contractors often stood in long lines just to have her check them out. One older gentleman waited in her line just to sing to her. Everyone would stop what they were doing just to listen to him and applaud.

Freida’s love for people led her to become a Christian Witness of Jehovah. She was introduced to the Truth at an early age by colporteurs visiting Paris. She received (in book form) a copy of the “Photo Drama of Creation.” She began a serious study of the Bible in the late 60’s and on November 21, 1970, she symbolized her dedication to Jehovah by water baptism. She assisted many into the Truth. She was never missing from her Christian meetings or from the field ministry. Even when dementia began to ravage her brain, she never forgot Jehovah. A simple mention of his name would bring a smile to her face. When sundowning, the playing of a Kingdom melody or original song, would cause her to stop and listen. Freida loved her God and looked forward to a new world where righteousness is to dwell.

Our dear Freida leaves to cherish her memory: her son Michael Sr. (Christina), daughter Bonnie (Joseph), grand children Michael Jr. (Elishia), Monica, Michael Smith (Toya), Michael IV (Tamra), great grandchildren Christopher, Alicia, Aiden, Nahjee, Michaela, Anthony, Micah, Rayne, Reagyn, Jahcori, Jaliyah, Jaden and Zaria, great great grandchildren Jurnee and Aubrielle, and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, friends and a worldwide brotherhood. Although she will be sorely missed, we know that she is in Jehovah’s memory and will be raised up as promised at Isaiah 26:19 and John 5:28, 29.