My Eyes, My Lenses, Your Memories

I never leave home without my  lenses, I take pictures without a camera
everyday.  As I glymps passed my subjects daily, with every blink I take
picture, after picture, after picture; and then out of no where a
photograph is made.  

Amazing astonished with perfection, poise, balance a steady hand, a keen
eye; then and only then is when I use my digital lenses to capture the art
that is dancing in my sight.   

It's a natural talent that I have, enjoy and embrace.   Immersed in my
subject (s) and visioning perfection, is when that photograph takes shape
and without words tell a story.  As my audience applauds  in silence their
smiles, tears,excitement and the sigh of pleasure, then I know I have
captured Life; your life.

Let me photograph your memories and turn them into cherished moments
with whom ever you wish to share.  Stories that will last forever and
passed on for generations.